We help women understand and learn to overcome a variety of hormonal imbalances by providing a personalised approach to health


 Tiny House Herbals is a women’s health hub located in Tallai on the beautiful Gold Coast. We offer an individualised approach to your health and wellness needs, and carefully formulate individualised naturopathic treatment programs to help you reach your health goals! All of our Naturopathy services are currently run online, ensuring that Naturopathy is accessible to everyone.

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Teah is the founder of Tiny House Herbals and is a qualified Naturopath.
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Join The Inner Circle

Our signature 1:1 package provides you with support over a 3 month period, allowing you to gain the knowledge and power you need to step into your body and take control of your health. Our qualified Naturopath Teah will be there to guide you at each stepping stone along the way. Join the inner circle and unlock your innate cyclical healing powers and achieve hormonal harmony

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